Lio Lomas bred horses 

On this page you will find pictures, videos and information on the horses I've bred. 

Savoir Faire

Rubinstein x Vosmaer. Savoir Faire is a daughter of Faire Thee Well Prestatie, my best mare ever. Savoir also earned her Prestatie predicate and was sold as a broodmare to Josh Albrecht of Coalcyn Equestrian in Oroville, in 2020. 


Contester II x Rubinstein. Nani is a daughter of Savoir Faire. She was sold to Josh Albrecht of Coalcyn Equestrian in Oroville, in 2020. She will be a sporthorse and broodmare. 


Zeoliet x Vosmaer. Ulu is a daughter of my very good mare Faire Thee Well Prestatie. Ulu was sold as a broodmare to Megan Owen of Owen Dressuurboerderij in Oregon, in 2020. 


IJsselmeer x Formateur. Bizou is a daughter of Encore and the dam of my stallion Lopaka (by UB 40). Bizou was sold as a broodmare to Megan Owen of Owen Dressuurboerderij in Oregon, in 2020. 


Many of the horses that I have bred have gone to the highest levels in dressage, a total of 45. I bred 17 Grand Prix dressage horses, four Intermediate II horses, 10 Intermediate I horses, four PSG horses, six 4th level horses and five 3rd level horses. 
I also bred several jumpers, eventers and hunters, of which an International show jumper that has reached Grand Prix level twice, this was Pakonane (Farmer x Rubinstein x Formateur, Una line). Many of my mares have received predicates with the KWPN. The following overview is not complete yet, it will be updated soon: 

#1 Dressage -Based on 1999-2003
#9 Jumpers - Based on Pako/Pakonanes show record
(Vosmaer - Cadenza)
Many CDS, USDF Region 7 and National Awards - Please see hisStallion Pagefor a complete list
2007 Grand Prix - Open
CDS Horse of the Year "HOY" & USDF Reserve Champion Reg. 7

2007 Grand Prix Freestyle
Reserve Champion CDS HOY, USDF Reg 7, USDF all breeds award KWPN
2006: Grand Prix Freestyle Champion. CDS HOY. USEF/USDF Region 7 Grand Prix Freestyle Reserve Champion.

2005: Grand Prix Freestyle Champion. CDS HOY. USEF/USDF Region 7 Grand Prix Freestyle Reserve Champion.
2003: CDS Intermediare I Freestyle HOY Champion. USDF Region 7 Intermediare I Freestyle Res. Champion. CDS Int-2 (HOY) Champion.
2000:  Reserve Champion Int-1 and Int-1 Freestyle at USET Festival of Champions and #2 I-1USDF Horse of the Year (HOY) and #3 I-1 Freestyle USDF Horse of the Year (HOY), CDS and USDF Region 7 I-1 and I-1 Freestyle Champion.
(Rubinstein - Faire thee well)
2000: Grand Prix at 9 yrs. old
2000 Long listed with USET and World ranked by WBFSH.  Also, #2 Grand Prix and #3 Grand Prix Special! 1st Grand Prix Amateur Hi Point Dressage at Devon

Leekstermeer Kai
(Farmer - Halekulani)
1999: NA/WPN #1 Amateur Training and 1st Level, CDS Horse of the Year Amateur Training Level (HOY).  CDS HOY  # 3 Amateur 1st Level.  USDF Horse of the Year (HOY)  #2 Amateur Training Level & #3 Amateur 1st Level
2001: CDS Horse of the Year (HOY) #4 Amateur 3rd Level.  Asked to be demo rider for the USAEQ's 2001 Judges forum.

2002: CDS Horse of the Year (HOY) #2 Amateur 4th Level, USDF Region 7 Amateur 4th Level Champion, USDF Horse of the year (HOY) Award 17th Amateur 4th level. Selected for CDS Symposium with Mr. Schumacher.
2003: Debut at PSG earning 70%, Used at USDF National Trainers Conference with Mr Schumacher.
(Farmer x Gisela)
2007 Int-I Freestyle Reserve Champion CDS & USDF Region. 7.
2007 Int-II USDF Region 7 Champion
2006: Int-1 Freestyle Champion USEF/USDF Region 7
2005: Int-1 Freestyle Reserve Champion USEF/USDF Region 7

Euro Pro Pacho
 (Ijsselmeer-C Quitntessence)
2006: #1 3rd level Freestyle and #5 3rd level open USDF All Breeds Award
2005: 2nd. Level Freestyle USEF/USDF horse of the year (HOY) Champion, 2nd Level Open USEF/USDF Horse of the Year Reserve Champion, 2nd Level Freestyle USEF/USDF Region 7 Champion.
(Rubinstein-Faire thee well)
USEF/USDF Region 7 2nd Level Freestyle Reserve Champion
Ijsselmeer - Abolien (Indiaan)
2007 -  Showing Grand Prix
3rd Int-II Open All Breeds Award Showing Int-II, Grand Prix debut in 2006
Farmer x Epris (Rubinstein)
Jimmy Williams Memorial Perpetual Trophy for the top jumper in the Western USA

Zeoliet - Halekulani (Vosmaer)
Showing Grand Prix
Molokai Molokini
(Ijsselmeer - Abolien)
Winning 3rd level open
Pako (Farmer X Epris by Rubinstein) – Jimmy Williams Memorial Trophy for the top jumper in the western U.S.
Kai (Leekstermeer Kai) (Farmer X Halekulani by Vosmaer) – 2nd Prix St. George-Open KWPN-NA All Breeds.
Taboo (Flemmingh X Halekulani) – 4th Fourth Level AA KWPN-NA All Breeds.
Polo (Junior STV X Iolani by Vosmaer) – 5th Fourth Level AA KWPN-NA All Breeds.
KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year and 3rd USEF Leading Breeders nationally.
Pako awarded “CROWN” predicate by KWPN for his international Grand Prix jumping successes with Richard Spooner.
Taboo – 4th Prix St. Georges-Open KWPN-NA All Breeds.
Morocco (Zeoliet X Halekulani) 1st Third Level J/YR KWPN-NA All Breeds and 2nd USDF nationally.
Pako – winner: France’s Jumping Derby at La Baule, with Richard Spooner. This is the first time that an American rider has won this prestigious event (and also the first time won by an American bred horse.)
Kamuela (Rubinstein X Faire Thee Well by Vosmaer) – 3rd Grand Prix Freestyle-Open KWPN-NA All Breeds and 19th USDF nationally.
Morocco – 1st Intermediare-I  J/YR KWPN-NA All Breeds and 5th USDF nationally.
4th Prix St. George-Open KWPN-NA All Breeds

#3 Tr. Level - Fandango
#4 4th Level - Gatsby
#3 Tr. Level - Jagger
#1 1st Level - Ijsselmeer
#4 1st Level - Jagger
#4 I-1 Gatsby

#1 2nd Level - Jagger
#1 2nd Level Amateur & Vintage Cup all levels Jagger
#2 3rd Level - Ijsselmeer
#1 I-2 and I-2 Amateur - Gatsby
#3 JR/YR all Levels-Excalibur
See Ijsselmeer's Stallion Page for  more sport results 1997to 2005
   #4 3rd Level, and 3rd Level Amateur
#1 Vintage Cup all Levels - Jagger

#1 4th Level - Ijsselmeer
     #3 Grand Prix, and Amateur GP, also #5 Vintage Cup all Levels - Gatsby
   #2 2nd Level Amateur, &  #3 Vintage Cup all Levels - Fandango
#4 4th Level - Jagger
#1 PSG - Ijsselmeer
#4 Tr. Level Amateur - Maile
#5 Tr. Level Amateur - Kukui
#3 2nd Level Amateur - Hoku
#1 4th Level, #1 PSG Amateur & #1Vintage Cup all Levels - Jagger
#1 Tr. Level, and Tr. Level Amateur Leekstermeer
#4 1st Level, and  #1 1st Level Amateur Leekstermeer
#4 2nd Level, & #1 1st Level Amateur
#2 I-1  Ijsselmeer

#5 GP, and #3 Vintage Cup - Jagger
#4 Freestyle I-1  Ijsselmeer

#3 3rd Level Amateur - Hoku
#1 I-1, & #2 FEI Freestyle I-1 Ijsselmeer
#2 PSG - Ijsselmeer
#5 3rd Level - Kamuela
#2 Grand Prix  Amateur - Jagger
#5 4th Level Amateur, &#3 3rd Level Amateur Morroco
#1 3rd Level Amateur - Kamuela
#2 2nd Level Amateur - Leekstermeer

#1 Grand Prix Amateur - Jagger
#1 4th Level Amateur - Kamuela
#4 4th Level Amateur - Morroco
#5 Tr. Level Amateur - Makoa
#2 4th Level &  #1 4th L Amateur
#3 2nd Level JR/YR - Olekele

#3 I-1 Amateur - Kamuela
I-2   Morroco
#5 4th Level, #3 4th Level Amateur, & #3 PSG Amateur - Gatsby
#4 2nd Level & Vintage cup 1-2 Level  Molokai Molokini
#1 Tr.  Level - Euro Pro Pacho
#2 Tr.  Level Amateur - Regime
    #1 1st Level, and  #1 VintageCup - Euro pro Pacho
#5 Tr.  Level, & Tr.  Level Amateur Roomijs
#1 Grand Prix Vintage Cup - Jagger

 Preferent mares
Epris, Etoile, and Faire Thee well
   Ijsselmeer - Licensed in 1995
Approved in 1997

#2 Yearling - Gisela
#2 Mare - Una
#1 Yearling - Ijsselmeer

#9 Mare - Garnet
#1 2 yr. old - Ijsselmeer
#8 Gelding - Fandango
#9 Gelding - Gaugin
#1 Aux Foal - Molokai molokini
#10 2 yr. old - Lokahi
#5 (tie) Mares - Halekulani
#9 (tie) Mares - Faire thee well
#9 (tie) Mares - Hula Girl
#2 Best IBOP - Ijsselmeer
#6 Yearling - Nohea
#8 Gelding - Lumahai/Lacoste
#2 Yearling - Okika
#10 (tie) Yearling - Ohelo
#10 (tie) Yearling - Olulani
#7 Gelding - Makoa
#8 Gelding - Legenderre
#1 2 yr. old - Olena Kelani
#1 Gelding - Leekstermeer Kai (Kai)
#2 Mare - Prima
#3 Mare - Ola
#7 Mare - Olena Kelani
#5 Gelding - Pahiki
#3 2 yr. old - Robijn
#7 2 yr. old - Regime
Rozet - #3 Mare Movement & passed IBOP (Prov. Keur)
Okika keur
Lahainaluna - Keur
#8 Mares Jumping - Tattersall
#8 (tie) DG Bar cup 3 yr. old - Tattersall