Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods

Founder, Owner and breeder Deborah P. Harrison, DVM
KWPN NA Platinum Level Breeder ~ Breeding high quality Dutch Warmblood Sport Horses since 1982

My Story

I started breeding in 1982. I imported Vosmaer, Taxateur and Rubinstein and several mares with Jeff Moore and Liz Searle. Jeff Moore is also the founder of the KWPN-NA, the official Royal Dutch warmblood registry for North America. 

My Horses

I own about 25 broodmares and two stallions. 

For sale

I breed 8-10 foals per year, which I usually sell before they turn 3. It's possible to put in an in utero deposit. 

Custom breedings

Are you looking for a specific cross from my dam lines? Contact me for more info on custom breedings and breed lease.